Aug 5, 2010

We met in elevator once. And than 2 years later we turned to be a hotel
neighbors. I'm sure we gonna meet again maybe in some corridor,
or a staircase at least.
I have just got the book from Vanessa Winship. "Sweet Nothings" is
simple, quiet and a very beautiful book. This project reflects her.

Vanessa is also a winner of PHE Descubrimentos 2010. It's an honor
to loose with her ;). Congratulation and hope to see you around here in PL.

Check Vanessa's website

and blog

just enjoy


Ecia said...

kuba kamiński said...

rewelacyjne zdjęcia z turcji.. przez chwilę myślałem że Twoje gdy je zobaczyłem.. ;)

Rafak said...

o, niestety nie moje ;)
Vanessa ma bardzo spojna osobowsc foto+real. I owocuje pieknymi spokojnymi obrazami.