Dec 22, 2010

Findings in Jaffa flea market:
- negatives from Lumiere studio
- revers with notes
- portrait of beautiful girl
- amateur porn Polaroids
- Jerusalem view
- certificate of Lumiere Studio
- sad portrait of a girl
- family negatives

Thanks Tommy for showing / driving me around, a family diner and a nap on the sofa,
I didn't buy Mona Lisa and now I regret, Tommy, Can you buy it please?
I'm sure we gonna meet one day so keep it on your wall till that time ;).

This was a place with and without history.

an amazing revers of an old photo with writing, counting, all sort numbers
and letters on it. At the other side a portrait of children, probably brother
and sister made in Photo Rex studio

A portrait of anonymous beautiful girl

Gif Created on Make A Gif

a beautiful set of amateur porn Polaroids

many times checked and controlled asked dozens of questions because
of different visas in my passport but finally in and out. Thank you Eyal,
Mickey and Studio guys for organizing the show! It was a real pleasure

There was a huge storm in Tel Aviv. The sea was throwing fishes into
restaurants by the shore. Cooks were surprised. Weight hesitated between 4kg and 6kg.

certificate of processing materials by Lumiere studio

a sad portrait of an anonymous girl

family negatives for 20 shekels developed by Lumiere studio.

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Dec 9, 2010

tym razem juz fotograficznie, ricoh sprzedany miu wrocilo na pierwsze
miejsce, i od razu jakos fajniej sie pracuje. ta zima jakas nierealna
oprocz problemow z parkowaniem no i sasiedzi znowu nie moga wjechac do

a pure photo upload, ricoh is sold ,miu has come back it's better this way.
this winter seems unreal apart form real problems with parking a car and
neighbors having difficulties with driving into their garages.

scierka za lodowka


niektore wisza a niektore odpadly / some of them still hanging


w zasadzie to dziala w dwie strony / it works both sides

looks unreal

looks strange




nic nie widac

siedza i patrza

popiersie w ziolach


there is a very beautiful place 4km away,
it's silent and noisy at the same time
a silesian touch

in a very center of Paris


beautiful place

kurtyna nr 24 / courtain # 24